SonKim Land will develop Luxury Boutique Office for the elite

The Luxury Boutique Office collection at The OpusK is exclusively reserved for the leaders of the most renowned business empires.

A perspective rendering of the project

An address befitting a business empire

Situated in the future international financial hub of Thu Thiem, the Luxury Boutique Office is a new collection of premium office spaces, reserved for leaders of renowned business empires. Operating at all hours of the day to keep up with the world’s biggest business hubs in the world, the project presents a haven for owners to connect with international partners, strategize and carry out important business decisions.

The Luxury Boutique Office is geared towards accommodating family offices for the leaders of entrepreneurial empires (30 to 40 years in operation), a headquarters for the management of existing subsidiaries and potential new overseas businesses. With flexibility in conventional office developments, the Presidential Office also offers the ideal home for law firms, commercial offices, art galleries, auction houses, and more.

The lobby at the Luxury Boutique Office– where the largest business empires in Vietnam are welcome

As the new standard for elite workspace in downtown Thu Thiem, the Luxury Boutique Office grants tenants the prestige of being placed at a prime business address, where major business players and global financial institutions will find a home.

Thu Thiem’s premier office space opulence

The office, where the wealthy business person spends the most time in a day, is where their class and prestige truly shine. As such, they are not just looking for a place to carry out their business, but also a place that is wholly their own.

Differing from conventional office spaces, the Luxury Boutique Office is a place where the owner’s taste and personality are fully on display. Designed by Designcamp Moon Park (Korea) and Evocateur (Singapore), the Luxury Boutique Office presents a setting of endless inspiration for one to work in, providing the perfect opportunity for the modern professional to tailor their space to their character and working style, and express themselves with their very own personal collection, no matter if its artworks, rare wines, or prized jersey with the signature of a favorite famous athlete. And in turn, the space allows the owner to create their own heaven where they can immerse in the things that they love and be granted access to a wellspring of inspiration every day.

Catering to the highest standards of privacy, the project also offers a private lobby and elevators, separate from residential areas and reserved exclusively for office owners. On acquirement of The OpusK membership, tenants and their associates will also be granted access to the finest of amenities and facilities, such as outdoor pools, yoga and gym areas, and culinary lounges. Managed by a dedicated team of professionals 24/7, the Luxury Boutique Office brings only the most elevated of experiences to the distinguished community of tenants here.

Event center – where business elites convene in upperclass events – a perspective rendering of the project. Photo by SonKim Land

With the aforementioned qualities and unique offerings, the Luxury Boutique Office is poised to be the best choice for many renowned entrepreneurs whose currents options are A+ grade offices that are still limited by compromises: lacking in either space, character, or connection with a like–minded community of international professionals. The Luxury Boutique Office is envisioned to deliver the very best of all aspects of the personal office experience, becoming the destination for elites to work, connect, and write the next chapters of their success with endless ease and comfort.

The Luxury Boutique Office is poised to present a new and rare avenue of investment, one that will be sustainable and will continue to provide world-class value to its tenants for decades to come.

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